Reporters and Scouts go live

Mobile iOS solution for audio transmission on the go

An iOS App for high quality scouting and reporting with Opus, live transmission and recording/logging. It allows intuitive instant broadcasting on the fly and it's even for free. Whenever transmitting audio in high quality and low latency on the go, MOBIPhone is what you need. Download it now and try!

Latency is so low that challenging real time interviewing becomes much easier, simplifying the workflow noticeably. Your phone book allows easy access and quick calls to other MOBIPhone users and easily connecting to MAYAH audio codecs, such as the CENTAURI, C10, C12, GeMiN! Studio, etc. Your studio, radio station, production house or voice talent is only a button press away.

Instead of just writing or recording, MOBIPhone becomes a live transmission on-air tool which can also send data to a CENTAURI which can then process the data in real time or as a file in any desired format.


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